Adorned Layering—Jewellery Inspiration

At Bo & Luca we hold a deep seated passion for intricate details and believe that it’s the little touches here and there that transform an outfit into a true jaw-dropping phenomenon. If you are searching for a look with a slight edge then why not bling it on with the powerful fashion statement of ring stacking. Whoever expressed that “less is more” was clearly unaware of this new trend at the forefront of modern-day accessorizing, transforming your conventional bride from that diamond in the rough to a clear cut above the rest.

This week we have provided an array of inspiration for decking out in rings galore to enhance your true celestial-self with a futuristic appeal. These chunky gems and subtly ornamented designs will demand you a presence on your big day ensuring that you walk tall down the aisle a bejeweled, bohemian beauty.