Angelica Gown – Emma & Tyler


Emma Hamblen and Tyler Martin



December 14, 2019



Solo Guajillo Ranch | Goldthwaite, TX | We got married in a grove of trees on my family’s ranch, and our reception was held in a tent by the house.



Approximately 60



Lauren Apel | Lauren photographed a friend’s wedding and I just fell in love with the images. To me, they were art, and Lauren delivered the same for our wedding. She and her husband showed up before sunrise to capture us getting ready, then accompanied us to our first look under a huge live oak tree while the moon was still visible. Lauren and Mark were with us every step of the way. Lauren functioned not just as a photographer, but as a reassuring presence throughout the whole day. She was so positive and joyful and encouraging, and I’m just in love with the work she did that day.



Angelica | Bo & Luca



He took me to dinner and instead of turning left to go home, he turned right and said he wanted to take me somewhere else. We ended up at a park and he asked if I wanted to go exploring. We got out and went for a little stroll, but it was super humid and overcast, and I could not figure out why this was the activity he’d planned. He climbed down a little gully to the bottom of a creek bed and I followed (somewhat precariously as my footwear had not been chosen for exploring creeks). There was literally trash in the water and flies hovering over it. It was hideous. He suggested we take a picture, which seemed doubly odd given the scenery. Then he asked me to do him a favor, and he held out the ring. Poor guy had scoped out the creek earlier in the week and it had been beautiful (he showed me a scouting pic as proof). Wouldn’t trade that swampy scene for anything, though.



Minimalist, natural.



My engagement ring: Salt and pepper hexagon diamond with a matte rose gold pipe cut band from mossNstone.


My wedding band: Polished rose gold cuff with baguette diamonds from Point No Point Studio.


His wedding band: Pipe cut matte yellow gold band from mossNstone.



I gathered flowers and plants from the ranch, dried them, and made individual arrangements for each household. These were special to me because they were sourced from a place that is obviously very special to me, and they were made with intention for the guests as something they would hopefully be able to enjoy as an added beauty to their own homes.



I worked with Ida Mayes Floristry and sent a few artists, art movements, and architecture as my inspiration for the flowers, plus a few bouquets I had seen that I loved, but couldn’t quite put my finger on why. I loved the idea of incorporating evergreen and knew I wanted thistle, but aside from that, I told her I really just wanted her to feel free to be as creative as she wanted, and that I trusted her vision. I was not Tiffany’s artistry exceeded anything I could have asked for and her arrangements were frankly the focal point of the day. Though it was a bit nerve-wracking to not know exactly what I would be getting until the day of, it was also the most highly anticipated part of the day (aside from getting married, of course!), and it was so rewarding to entrust that vision to someone and see their creativity come to life exactly as they wanted it to.



A modern, square-shaped, tiered pound cake.



We didn’t do the first dance, so no song for that, but we requested our friends and family to send us their favourite love songs and we made a playlist for the reception. Notable songs for notable moments include:


Processional: “Hover I” by Andrew Bird


Recessional: “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne



Food Truck: Chicken and waffles and breakfast tacos catered by Freida’s.


Beverages: Bloody Mary and Mimosa bar, coffee bar with Baileys.



We road-tripped the West Coast and traveled north. Our favorite spots were San Diego, Big Sur, and Manzanita. Big Sur and Manzanita were particularly magical for the landscapes.



We registered at CB2, Williams-Sonoma, and Frontgate.



There were so many, really. Our wedding was stripped down in a lot of ways—it was small, we did away with any part of the ceremony that we felt was strictly ceremonious. We wanted it to be simple and meaningful and to the point, and we wanted to skip the charades. The only place I really wanted to get married was the ranch, and my whole family invested more time, energy, and hard work than I can possibly say. It was truly an act of love. To boot, we got married outdoors in the winter, and in Texas, you just never know what you’re going to get. It could have been 80 degrees or 20 degrees, with northern winds or a week’s worth of rain-soaked ground. It was a total gamble. So when the day arrived and it was 65 degrees and sunny with a cool breeze, it was an answer to prayer. I just remember sitting in the car waiting for everyone to gather before my dad and I were dropped off for the ceremony and thinking to myself: This is perfect. This is perfect. What could be more perfect?



If you can afford a wedding planner and/or day-of coordinator, do it. We didn’t, and though everything turned out just fine, I think so much of the stress of planning would have been alleviated and small details would have been handled more easily if we’d had someone to help. I took comfort in knowing that even if it ended up being miserably cold, or rainy, and even if all of our best-laid plans went down the drain because of weather, or whatever, it would make for a really great story. I think the best way to view a wedding is summed up perfectly by G. K. Chesterton: “An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered; an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.”



Photographer: Lauren Apel


Florist: Ida Mayes Floristry


Tent rental: Peerless


Tables, chairs, glassware, and flatware rentals: Loot Rentals


Food truck and cake: Freida’s


Plates and candles: World Market


Wedding favour stem vases: CB2