It was A romantic and intimate AFFAIR, all while being relaxed and fun. Justine, Adam and their families were all on holiday in Hawaii for their special DAY. it is evident that The theme of THEIR wedding revolved around THEIR families, which is what the newly married couple value most.



JUSTINE Bonnici and Adam Allouche




12TH OF JULY 2018








Our wedding Ceremony and Reception was set on the green grass lawns of the Kahala Hotel & Resort in Honolulu, Hawaii. Surrounded by Palms and Frangipani trees, we overlooked a quiet beachfront and the open ocean. We loved the privacy this location gave us to enjoy our special day with just our immediate family. It had a relaxed and tropical feel and was perfect for us.




We chose a team called Absolutely Loved Photography who is run by A Mother, daughter and son. I felt their concept was very much in line with the overall theme of our wedding… family. I loved how they captured the fun and intimacy on our day, not only between Adam and I, but ALSO between our loved ones.



I wore the beautiful SKYE gown from TEMPLE by Bo & Luca. Based on raw silk chiffon and hand-beaded with a delicate floral detailing, this dress to me felt relaxed and sophisticated. As part of its effortless style, it has a bohemian silhouette with thin bias silk straps and an off the shoulder frill. I also wore a soft tulle, floor length veil by Bo & Luca. I simply loved the way I felt in my gown, and that’s when I knew I had found the one.




There were no Bridesmaids, but we did have three very sweet flower girls, all in beautiful white dresses by Tutu Du Monde.





Adam and I were friends for many years before our romance began. We grew up in the same community and shared many of the same friends. It was a timing thing, and we both arrived at a place in our lives where we were looking for more. We found that in each other and our relationship BECAME steady. Just shy of two years together, Adam whisked me away for a romantic weekend to the Blue Mountains, Australia. We had been hiking since morning through the National Park and just as I thought we were ready to call it a day, he managed to lure me up to one more lookout. This is when he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I still remember that feeling of elevation, overlooking the beautiful mountains, with the crisp air on my cheeks and my future husband holding my hand.




Our wedding was slightly unconventional. I like to think we ran away and got married, with the privilege of having our family join us. We had kept our plans quiet, so it came as a great surprise to all our friends at home. Nevertheless, they were all so happy for us. It was very freeing to do things our way, and it was important to me that we focus on each other as we entered a marriage together. It was romantic and intimate, all while being relaxed and fun. We were all on holiday in Hawaii from Australia so we wanted to keep things fairly casual. The theme of our wedding certainly revolved around our family, which is what we value most.




My engagement ring was made to order. We created it together and took our time selecting the right elements. We chose a solitaire emerald-cut diamond – a shape I have always been drawn to. The emerald cut has long facets and layered corners that resemble stairs. Due to its grading, this diamond gives off a beautiful light yellow colouring, which I simply fell in love with. It has SEVEN white diamonds ON either side of it and is set in a blend of yellow and rose gold. My wedding ring is much more understated, being a simple gold band. Adam designed his own wedding ring made of brushed yellow gold. It has a rectangular face with rounded edges and a simple black diamond to one side. Bold and charming, much like his personality.



We gifted our guests with dashboard hula dolls. We picked them up from the local markets in Waikiki and found them really fun. I like to imagine our family think of us every time their dashboard doll is dancing.




Our flower arrangements were kept very simple, using a mix of white roses and seasonal foliage. We used a local florist to help us create an effortless look. I liked the idea of keeping it very green and pure. My bouquet was bohemian style, and our daughter had one of her own to match. Our older flower girls carried white baskets filled with loose white rose petals, and Adam wore a white rose boutonniere.




Our wedding cake was a two-tiered, vanilla buttercream cake, with passionfruit filling. It had a ripple-like texture, and was topped with a cascade of fresh white roses.




I walked down the aisle to “There will be time” by Baaba Maal and Mumford & Sons. When Adam and I first listened to this song together, we became obsessed. We would play it on repeat and never get tired of it. It felt powerful and I was moved by its lyrics. At this stage, we had no idea when or where we’d get married, but we both agreed that this would be our song. My favourite part is sung by Senegalese musician, Baaba Maal in his native language. At the beginning of the song he sings, “The reason I love you is because you are the only one who has taught me how to love and appreciate life”. This felt very fitting and it made sense as to why I felt so drawn to it.




Following our ceremony, we had a brief cocktail reception to get things started. We offered Butler-passed Hors D’oeuvrEs, tropical cocktails, and local beer. Our main reception was a FOUR course, sit-down meal, with a selection of wines including reds, whites and rosé. To start, we had a delicious crispy garlic and pepper shrimp. The second course was fresh pan-seared snapper followED BY a Duet of Filet Mignon and baked half Maine lobster. Dessert was milk chocolate mousse with seasonal berries, and of course – wedding cake.



The final week of our trip was spent on our Honeymoon in Kauai, an island in Hawaii knowN as “the garden isle”. It was the perfect way to end our holiday, at a much slower pace and surrounded by tropical rainforest. We stayed at the Kauai Marriott Resort and were treated with a ground floor suite right opposite the beach. We had our 13-month-old daughter with us and she just loved the giant pool and many grass lawns to run around barefoot. We didn’t do much exploring of the island but instead chose to get settled and enjoy Pina Coladas by the pool.




We requested no gifts as we were gifted with an unforgettable holiday and the presence of our family on our wedding day. Now we are back home, we are throwing a party for our friends in celebration OF our new marriage. We decided to set up a wishing well on the day in support of our local Children’s Hospital. It will be open to guests to make a donation on our behalf.




My most memorable moment of our wedding day happened right before I walked down the Aisle. I had been so calm and collected the entire time but it suddenly hit me that I was about to get married. The many months of preparation were finally unfolding. Our song was playing and I was arm in arm with my Father. I was watching our daughter stumble down the aisle in her tutu dress, holding onto her mini bouquet. My soon to be husband was waiting at the other end with a look on his face of pure happiness. That’s when I wanted to hit the pause button and just take it all in.




Don’t feel pressured to have the perfect wedding, just make it perfect for you. The decision making can feel overwhelming but if you stay true to yourself, everything will work out as it should. Enjoy your day, especially making time for you and your new husband.