Bo & Luca Romantics ~ Love Stories From Our Stockists

If you’re anything like us at Bo & Luca HQ – you love a good love story just as much as we do. As we celebrate the month of love this February, we felt inspired to reach out to some of our Bo & Luca retailers to learn more about how they met their significant others, and ultimately how they popped the big question.


Read what our lovely stockists had to say below:


Nicolette from Wild Spirit Lovers, Switzerland

Our love story started quite kitschy 8 years ago under a cherry tree at my friend’s and his brother’s wedding. Although, being my friend’s maid of honor and he being his brother’s best man, we never met before. At this point in our lives, we both enjoyed being on our own and were not looking for a relationship at all. Besides, neither myself nor my husband is romantic and we thought love, at first sight, is something for the movies. But from the beginning, we had the feeling that we knew each other for years already. Both of us still remember this special moment, when the “magic” happened. We sat there for hours laughing and talking about the world. We found out that we shared the same passion for South Africa, where we both had lived for a while. We are not very traditional if it comes to weddings and both of us had the idea if we would get married one day, not each other at this point of the story, but if one of us would get married, it would definitely be in Cape Town. We only knew each other for 24 hours and lived in different countries, but we also knew something unique is just about to happen and you will never know if you don’t try. So we took the risk against all reason and our adventure began.


One and a half years later, still being in a long-distance relationship, he proposed very unexpectedly. We were on holiday in South Africa celebrating the wedding of two very close friends. On that day we have been visiting Knysna and unfortunately had upset stomachs, whereby Mo felt worse than I. So I was quite surprised he wanted to spend the afternoon on the beach, instead of staying home. After having spent the afternoon at the beach, I was so tired and exhausted as well and wanted to leave before the sun goes down. But again he insisted to at least take a seat on a bench viewing the sunset. So we sat there with a beautiful sunset indeed and me, more or less waiting for the sun to go down quickly, so we can leave. Suddenly he started telling me he had a surprise for me and to be honest I do not even remember what else he was telling me. I even didn’t realize what was happening, when he kneeled in front of me asking if I want to be his wife. So funnily my first reaction was “Are you serious!?”. But as soon as I realized, what just happened, I immediately said yes to this never-ending adventure. And like we said on the first day we met, our dream came true two years later when we got married on the beach in Cape Town.


How to keep the spark alive during challenging times like lockdown? I think that there is no universal recipe, but as a couple, you have to find and create your own magic. We promised each other never to take our love and the other one for granted. So we are convinced that challenges are something, which you can grow from as a couple and as a person, because like a flower love needs both to bloom the sun and the rain. For us, the magic is to create new memories together and to surprise each other over and over again, although you’ve known each other for years already. Or making something special out of the usual, like having a homemade 4-course meal at home, being dressed like going to a wedding, or listening to your favorite music all night and dance the night away at home. I think you do not decide who you fall in love with, but you decide who you want to love for the rest of your life. That is probably the magic that keeps the spark alive.


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Samantha from Rituals of Love, Canada

Matt and I have been together for 15 years. We met when I was 19 on a small Island off Vancouver. We did two years long-distance and have literally grown up together, through hard times and good times. He proposed to me at the top of “The Chief ” – a beautiful mountain top lookout in BC. Our wedding was a party! – 200 of our closest friends and family – we are very social people. It was honestly one of the most beautiful, memorable, and fun days of our lives.


We are truly best friends and have the most fun with one another. He pushed me to start Rituals of Love as he is an entrepreneur at heart, he believed in me and knew what would truly make me happy. We love change, we love the design and we work very well as a team in many aspects including parenthood. I believe true partnership is the key to a happy marriage and he makes me laugh – I’m a sucker for a funny guy.


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Candy from Paperswan Bride, New Zealand

My husband and I actually met online in 2004. Back then we didn’t have Facebook yet, it was ‘Friendster’. I was living with my family in Vienna, Austria at the time, and his first line when he messaged me was — ‘The hills are alive’, from The Sound of Music movie. I was impressed because people always mistook Vienna for Venice!


We then met each other in the Philippines in 2005 and we did the long-distance thing for a few months before I decided to move to NZ.


There was no romantic proposal, we just knew we wanted to be together but he did give me another diamond ring when we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.


We’ve always been the best of friends and we’re used to spending a lot of time with each other. We also work together a lot because we shoot together (I’m also a wedding photographer), so being in lockdown was not really a big deal. We did a lot of family movie nights and just gave each other space to work on our own thing.


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May from Ginger + Poppy Bridal, Dubai

One evening in April 2018 that we were talking and just decided that we wanted to get married, as we had been together for nearly 10 years! That was the official moment in which we started to plan the wedding and telling all our family and friends. I said that we didn’t need to rush for a ring and we can take our time with it. About 7 months passed without officially having an engagement ring until the morning after our 10th anniversary, which is also Marc’s birthday, Marc woke me up with breakfast in bed with a little flower cut from the garden and a ring box on the tray. I was wondering what was happening until he picked up the box and started the proposal. I couldn’t help but start crying, I can’t even remember what he said except the last words, will you be my wife? It was as if we never even agreed to get married and it felt like a fresh proposal and completely official (even though we’d booked and venue and everything!) I was speechless and couldn’t even see the ring as my eyes were just filled with tears. It was so simple but romantic and was absolutely perfect for me.


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