Recent years have seen brides rush to recreate their version of a royal wedding or something straight off a Pinterest board. But as we greet 2016, it’s clear brides are much more interested in going down the aisle their own way. “ I always tell our brides to stay true to their personal style when picking out their gown,” says our very own Shannon Pittman, founder and creative director of Bo & Luca.

We are seeing a shift from the done-to-death bridal gowns and kitten heels to brides exploring their personal style and translating that notion into their bridal gown choice, selecting pieces that are unexpected, unique, unimaginably beautiful and unlike anything remotely bridal, speaking to her true self and loves.

More and more ethereal silhouettes and refined designs with a modern twist are filling the runways and bridal showrooms, showcasing more elegant, romantic and boholuxe influences. Here are our  top 5 trends this season…

The 2-Piece Gown

We particularly love the combination of casual and chic which creates something uniquely elegant about a bride showing off just a sliver of skin on her wedding day.

The Pants Suit

One of our favorite dress trends isn’t actually a dress at all; it’s a two-piece suit, the perfect look for that slightly cooler, more casual wedding. Paired with an ultra chic waistcoat or embellished jacket makes for a truly effortless look.

Exposed Back-less Gowns

We feel like girls really want to show off their bodies at the moment. While the ultra-low back carried over from last season, exposure seems to have reached new levels with tasteful cut-outs (often paired with a higher neckline and long billowed sleeves) becoming a popular bridal trend this year.

Standout Details

2016 brings with it a newfound appreciation for the magic of traditional artisan techniques and craftsman skills. This can been seen in gowns with intricate beadwork and embellishments (done by hand) that come together to create the breathtaking finishes, synonymous with a Bo & Luca gown, making it a true work of art.

Minimalist Slip Gowns

Maybe it’s the “Outlander” craze crossed with the return of the ’90s, but body-contouring and slinky Courtney Love-meets-Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy slip dresses we can see being a real trend this year. Of course, details like delicate appliqués and a little sparkle will give that simple and effortless look to wedding gowns without looking too lingerie-esque. This trend forms part of our newest collection out later this year.