Caterers We Love, South Africa

Some of the most memorable meals we experience are the ones whose tangs and sensory pleasures stay with us sometimes years after tasting them. They might not necessarily be fine dining affairs for special occasions, but rather those visceral meals shared with family and friends, gathered around the dining room table, over old favorite recipes, wine and time honored rituals. We love the idea of weaving these meaningful dishes or flavors into your wedding menu, forever linking the food and memories. Celebrate these associations and create a menu that reflects your own personal food journey of childhood favorites, and amazing shared meals, that feel meaningful to you and your partner.

Having oped up a second studio in Cape Town, South Africa, we cannot help but be impressed with this city’s sophisticated food culture. This week we are showcasing our favourite South African wedding caterers who go above and beyond to create stylish, yet delectable menus, each one completely personalised to each couple.



Johnny Hamman and Marius Uys are two youthfully fresh chefs characterized by extensive industry expertise which they have combined and channeled into their catering company of culinary genius. Slippery Spoon Kitchen dedicates itself fully to creating innovative food for weddings, private gatherings and corporate events. Essentially it incorporates locals working together to source fresh homegrown produce in order to serve you your most prized meal at an esteemed location. Whatever your preference, the pair have you covered with their diverse range of menu’s including: Cocktail, BBQ Buffet, Banquet sharing platter and Plated. Their mutual love of food and travel keeps them at the forefront of worldwide culinary trends while simultaneously influencing the spark behind their unique craft. Johnny and Marius are at the ready with their knives sharpened and their fridges full, eagerly waiting to conjure up an exquisite menu for you on your special day.



Annalize Catering prides itself on successfully indulging in the ‘fun’damentals of any perfect wedding by encapsulating a collaboration of style, creativity and distinct personality. They unwaveringly pour all their love and energy into their food to ensure the feast of a lifetime for all your family and friends. They are ready for the challenge of tickling-your-tastebuds by reworking your favorite flavors in inspired and alluring ways! So don’t be afraid to kick off your shoes, let your hair down and get together to create something intimate, delicious and most importantly, fun!



Stir Food’s passion resides in concocting beautiful food for any-given occasion. They offer a highly personal experience that best encapsulates what you know and love – even if it’s that “grub’s up” homely cooking that you so fondly associate with your Granny-dearest. Stir Food simply offer flavor-without-the-fuss with an additional, uncompromising twist. Their intimate team, consisting of Executive Chef Gustaaf Boshoff, Head Chef Adrian Bailey and Pastry Chef Nicole Thompson, boast decades of experience that can be molded to provide exceptional food for any time, any place and most importantly – any taste.

“Our philosophy is to create food with finesse, flair and absolute uniqueness, always sourcing fresh, local and seasonal”



Nestled within the winelands of the Western Cape resides a meticulous catering company by the name of Two Chefs. Founded by the dynamic duo, Herman Hanekom and Andre Schoeman, Two Chefs has been operating since 2009 continuously building a name for itself on account of its distinctive and personalized menus.

“We have no limitations to the types of food or function, from the most intimate wedding to multifaceted corporate events. Our talented chefs are always happy to customize menus suited to your style, taste and budget. Our main focus is exceeding your expectations with an unsurpassed culinary experience and our personal touch”.

Two Chefs creates a unique style which fuses universal flavors and hand-selected seasonal produce obtained directly from local farmers, fashioning an unforgettable culinary experience for you and your guests.