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Our wonderful leading lady at our one India Atelier, Neetu (left), and our Creative Director, Shannon (right)

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Neetu is a dear old friend and partner of our creative director, and a talented seamstress and businesswoman. She has overcome challenges as well as taken chances to build her business, find her freedom and make her dreams come true. 


After dedicating years to a larger fashion house, she branched out to start her own love project and follow a lifelong calling. This newly claimed independence has allowed her to nurture her relationship with Bo & Luca and add new meaning to what truly reflects women supporting women.

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Recent travels to Mumbai
Hand-beading done by master craftsmen in Neetu's atelier
Who Is Neetu?

Much like the meaning of her name, Neetu is a beautiful and strong woman who aspires to create a life fashioned by her own design. She is a bold businesswoman and one of our most trusted manufacturers who supports local craftsmen and makers alike. 


Neetu fell in love with the essence of our brand from day one, and we will never cease to value her years of friendship and commitment to the creation of our wedding gowns. Upon visiting her new, welcoming space in the city of dreams, Mumbai, it became even more apparent that Neetu is passionate about this craft, and knows our style and vision in her heart of hearts.


She originally moved to Mumbai from her hometown, Agra, a city on the banks of the Yamuna River in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Even though starting new would be daunting, she wanted to overcome the challenges of treatment towards women in the workplace and forged ahead with her very own atelier. 


Her mother is thrilled for her because it means that Neetu has more time for herself for small things like finally being able to go on a solo travel trip for a yoga retreat. She can now also make business decisions that align with her work practices and positive energy. Every day is now in her control, with a feeling of freedom after creating a warm work culture. 

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Each design's fabric is stretched tight within a wooden frame to make it easier to work on

There was no denying that she cared about ethical work production and ensuring positive energy within her space, where a picture on her wall read, “Your brand should be a reflection of you and your dream customer.” 


This rang so true to us, as our brides emulate and exude everything that we love and strive to capture within the pieces that we create with them in mind; free-spirited, romantic, daring, and unique.  

There’s something special about the intention behind human hands crafting and translating designs onto the pieces, and we think it’s the trust that each entity has in the mastery making it honest work. Between artisan and fabric, there is a harmonious understanding which materialises into heirloom wedding gowns. 


For instance, with the Sinatra gown which entails over 280 hours of hand-beading, each bead is stitched through a labour of love into a story of hope and a promise of forever. 

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Our Sinatra gown's beading in the making
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As a woman-run business, we treasure our sisterhood with Neetu, who inspires us daily and ensures that a selection of our pieces is brought to life through age-old craftsmanship. Shared vision and empowerment have led us to where we are today, and we cannot wait to keep helping you feel your most beautiful and honest self on your special day, together.