Unique Wedding Gowns

Introducing ~ An Ode To Sophia

Forever seeking the beauty and simplicity of love stories well told, we sought to create a new collection of wedding dresses that referenced glamorous times of old. 


Much like a classic Hollywood motion-picture, these pieces gently touch on nostalgic themes of romance, whimsy and eminence. Each design’s detailed hand-beading, elegant silhouette and fanciful elements add to their red-carpet allure.

Brand New Wedding Gowns
Shot by Nicole de Villiers Photography

With gowns that denote to the cinematographic sphere, it seemed only fitting to name this capsule collection after one of the greatest female movie stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood, and one of our most-loved style icons; Sophia Loren. Thus, ‘An Ode To Sophia’ was born, materialising into our favourite wedding gowns to date, created as a tribute to this icon.


Featuring unparalleled wedding gowns, an effortlessly sophisticated bridal jacket, as well as unique Bo & Luca beading and dress designs that showcase dramatic sleeves, stooping necklines, delicate draping and whimsical skirts, this collection certainly captures the novelty of Old Hollywood.  

Wedding Dress in New York
Hand beaded wedding gowns

The brand’s leading lady, Sophia Loren’s impeccable style could be seen on and off screen, and was recognised as a muse in the world of fashion. Her timeless taste embodied classic Italian femininity, much like these new bridal pieces, and she once received an award for “a lifetime of glamour”.


Needless to say that with their timeless and luxurious elements, these new gowns hold tangible sentiments of nostalgia which are inspired by the magic of old, romantic films.