Neue Bride – Arizona

Our Bo & Luca and Temple by Bo & Luca wedding gowns are available at the beautiful modern boutique Neue Bride in Arizona, USA. We spoke to Sydney about how she started, why she decided to stock our gowns and what inspires her.


How did you find yourself in the bridal industry?

I officially decided to take the plunge and open Neue Bride in the spring of 2018. My career in graphic design had come to a standstill and I had recently been married myself. While planning my own wedding, I had a hard time relating to the traditional bridal experience. After a lot of research, I realised that there a ton of amazing designers out there breaking the mould, but not many bridal studios willing to offer their styles. That is when Neue Bride was born!


How would you describe your boutique?

Neue Bride has been artfully curated for the confident modern bride. We offer a handpicked and inspired collection of wedding gowns. Our selection is effortless, and yet unforgettable ranging from airy and luxe to sleek and minimal. Our brand embodies interests other than the bridal industry including fashion, good music, creativity, and new design. We believe that finding your dress should be an organic experience, that is why we offer such an intimate and unique setting to shop for your gown.


Less or more?

Both! While I absolutely swoon over a sleek minimalistic look, sometimes more can be… more!


What’s the biggest bridal trend of the season?

I may be biased because my own wedding dress had a super stunning bell sleeve, but any type of dramatic sleeve is giving me major heart eyes right now!


What are some of your future goals?

My biggest goal of this past year is happening right now with the opening of Neue Bride! Some advice I have received is to live in the now and to enjoy the process. I have SO MANY dreams and ideas about where this business can take me, but I am really trying to not get too ahead of myself. We are starting small and focusing on right now with the hopes of enjoying each moment as it comes.


Who would be your dream bride to dress?

I don’t have a specific bride in mind, but I feel totally inspired by confident, passionate and natural women who know what they want in life. My dream bride definitely has these qualities.


What is one piece of advice you’d leave with brides in search of their perfect wedding gown?

Don’t ask for anyone else’s opinions. Pick the wedding gown that makes you feel like YOU and then just trust your decision!


Of all the brands and designers, what made you choose Bo & Luca?

Bo & Luca embodies today’s modern bride in my opinion. I absolutely love the luxe modern edge of Bo & Luca and I think a wide range of women can envision themselves in one of these elegant designs and feel authentically themselves!


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