Our beautiful gowns are available to experience at the chic boutique Plume Dress in Tokyo, Japan. Hiroko Kawamitsu, the owner of Plume Dress, is a trail-blazing entrepreneur that’s committed to providing unique bridal gowns in Japan. Hiroko shares her aspirational dream of creating a space where her brides will feel like they are in their fairytale trapped within the city of Tokyo. Sounds magical? Read on below.

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How did you find yourself in the bridal industry? //

I used to be a fashion buyer and traveled a lot to find the latest styles that are appealing to Japanese customers before opening my boutique. When preparing for my own wedding day, it took me so long to find the perfect wedding dress that resembled my style. I then realized that it is very hard to find unique wedding gowns in Japan and decided to open Plume Dress to offer brides the latest styles. 

How would you describe your boutique? //

With a theme of a hidden secret place, we have a small cozy boutique full of character. We only take a few appointments per day to make our customers feel special. When opening the door of our boutique, our brides will feel like they are in their own personal fairytale trapped within the city of Tokyo.  We focus on providing gowns that suit garden, restaurant, and Western-style weddings. We have gathered our breathtaking gowns designed with delicate lace, embroideries & beading from some of the finest designers from all over the world.

Less or more? //
Less is more. Simple is best.

What are some of your future goals? //
Rather than follow the trend, I want to pursue providing beautiful dresses with a universality that will be wonderful after 10 or 20 years later.

Who would be your dream bride to dress? //
Jane Birkin; I always felt she had that free-spirit, easy-going, yet strong woman kind of attitude. A free-spirited yet simple woman who loves being in love but still values her personal freedom and playfulness.

Buy wedding dresses Japan
Buy wedding dresses Japan
Buy wedding dresses Japan

What is one piece of advice you’d leave with your brides in search of their perfect wedding gowns? //

The trend of wedding dresses at that time and the opinions of parents are important however, don’t let those trends and opinions determine your choice. Cherish the feeling when you put your dress on and don’t want to let it go. Don’t go for a style just because it’s trendy. Choose a dress which you know will stay in your heart long after your wedding day.

Buy wedding dresses Japan

Of all the brands and designers, what made you choose Bo & Luca? //

I was impressed by Bo & Luca’s bohemian spirit and the styles that value timeless beauty. In addition, I fell in love with the fabrication, such as the unique beading and high-quality silk fabrics. I am confident that the originality of Bo & Luca will surely be loved by Japanese brides.