Real Talk – How To Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy

Featuring our Bo & Luca Real Bride, Brooklyn, in our romantic TULSA gown

There’s so much to be done with the big day coming up. If you’ve been planning on having bridesmaids then the chances are that you’ve already asked them to join your bridal party. Having these select few by your side every step of the way is an honour not everyone can say they have. We have a couple of things we’d propose for you to do to keep them happy- so you too, have a smile on your face.


Beautiful Bo & Luca Real Bride, Camilla, in our classic LOU gown paired with our STELLA crown


Remember that their lives continue to be just as busy as before, so try to accommodate their schedules as best you can when organising dress fittings, outings or other occasions.


You’re going to want everything to go smoothly and breaking the ice between your bridal party is a great place to start.


You could host a brunch or drinks, maybe even something activity based. We’ve all become pretty accustomed to online calls, so if your bridesmaids live in different locations, consider hosting a Zoom party. Perhaps with a glass of bubbles in hand to alleviate any tension! This time will accomodate and allow for friendships to blossom or to be nurtured. Bonding is important for a relaxed environment which will help the process of your bridesmaids planning together over the upcoming weeks or months. (If your wedding is in just a few weeks, and you haven’t found your dream gown, pop us an email and we’ll see how we can assist you;

Bree looked breathtakingly elegant in our Temple by Bo & Luca PRIMROSE gown, featuring her bridesmaids in their lovely monochrome looks


Generally there’s meaning behind your choice of bridal party members, so remember that counts a lot more than appearances do. Don’t expect any of your bridesmaids to change the way they look and try to avoid anything that may be uncomfortable for them. Your bridesmaids know what works for them and you want them to feel as confident as possible. Consider offering them a few style options that they can choose from to help them feel their best.


This brings us to the ickiest topic that we’d all rather steer clear of. Money. The last year and a half has put a lot of strain on many people financially with job losses or salary reductions. If you’re not in a position to pay for your bridesmaid’s dresses, consider choosing a colour that suits the theme of your wedding and letting your bridesmaids wear different dress styles that enhance their best features and fit their budget. You could also name tones within a certain colour family and go with that.


We absolutely love seeing bridesmaids in different but harmonious styles, and in fact, our founder and Creative Director, Shannon Pittman, had her bridal party wear different Bo & Luca designs.


Featuring Creative Director, Shannon, on her wedding day with her bridesmaids in their different styles of dresses

Don’t forget that other elements such as flower bouquets are also a lovely way to tie all of the looks together! Mixing it up can be a fun way to make your bridesmaids’ ensemble of styles, add a truly unique touch to your special day. Be careful to ensure the looks are cohesive though, and if you run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for advice!


This contemporary choice would also give your bridal party the option to choose something they could wear again. The most important thing is that you want your bridal party to feel comfortable and confident.


That being said, they’re also going to want to be a part of choosing your dream gown! While you want to have your nearest and dearest’s feed back, do consider downsizing your bridal appointments as it can be overwhelming having a lot of voices and opinions.


Beautiful Michelle in our intricately hand-beaded DALLAS gown


If the budget allows, it might be worth considering gifting them an accessory or their hair and makeup on the day to soften their spend and to show your appreciation. You could even put together a special hand written card saying how grateful you are!


Having your closest loved ones in your bridal party is special and if they’re happy, it’ll only add to your wedding day even more! It’ll also take pressure off of you and ensure that your journey to your big day is fun-filled and unrivalled.


Featuring Bo & Luca Real Bride, Joanne, who wore our classic yet effortless LENNOX gown