As the creative director of Bo & Luca, it’s no surprise Shannon Pittman’s wedding day was as beautiful and stylish as the talent herself. Nestled amidst the picturesque Elgin Valley, WESTERN CAPE, Shannon AND HER HUSBAND Mark exchanged vows in a beautiful whimsical garden setting amongst the apple orchards and large hanging oak trees.

Shannon Pittman & Mark Reynolds
07 April 2018
The Pool Room, Elgin, Cape Town, South Africa
Modern Hearts Photography
Custom – Bo & Luca
Bo & Luca

Mark and I met while I was visiting South Africa.  We spent a lot of time talking about life and what we both wanted. Mark is an old romantic and on one of the first dates that he took me on was for this incredible picnic on a cliff in Cape Town called Chapman’s Peak. It has the most amazing mountain and ocean views I have ever seen in my life and holds very special memories for us both. When I first moved to South Africa I asked Mark if we could live in the same area so for the first six months we lived at the bottom of Chapman’s Peak. One day after work he came home and said he wanted to go hiking up to the look out, it was summer so the weather was so balmy. He had packed a bottle of my favourite champagne and when we got to the top of the mountain he got down on one knee and proposed to me with a 1942 vintage Citrine stone engagement ring. I had asked of him to find me a Citrine stone ring as I never wanted a traditional solitaire. The sun was setting over the mountain and I always look back and remember how happy I felt at that moment.
I love everything about the countryside, the rolling green hills and fields of wild flowers. Mark and I stumbled upon a place called The Pool Room in Elgin while we were in the area. It is on a beautiful apple orchard just outside of Cape Town and had a whimsical garden feel, surrounded by large hanging Oak trees and a lovely pool outside the restaurant that had views of the rolling green hills and apple trees. It felt so magical. We booked the venue for a tasting and the food was just incredible, farm fresh, locally sourced and organic. The owners Gordon and Emma Manuel were so amazing, the service and the staff were incredible. I stayed in a farm style cottage just next door to the venue, which was a dream to wake up in. The cottage was surrounded by large, white, overgrown wild Japanese Anemones and apple trees. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.
My engagement ring is a 1940s vintage Citrine stone. As for my wedding ring , I decided to create something a little more bespoke. As we have been creating and working on our fine jewellery collection over the last year, I also decided to create my own wedding band. I love thick gold vintage inspired bands, so I created a double band, which has 90 small raw cut back diamonds bound into the edge of each side of the band. The ring has small engravings and Indian etchings, which were hand engraved by women in India. I love my ring so much. It’s so unique and very me. One of Mark’s groomsmen, who is an incredible menswear jeweller in Cape Town, hand crafted his wedding band. It’s a rough cut, sterling silver solid band.
I wanted to create something a little special for our guests so whilst I was on a trip to India I visited some of the small perfumery vendors and had some oils mixed for the male and female guests. I also had my husband help me write 110 individual personalised notes, each detailed with something that we loved about that person.
I loved curating the flowers for our wedding day.  My Granny had the most beautiful flower garden when I was growing up, filled with rows of white roses and evergreen vines of jasmine. I organised the wedding flowers from one of the local flower markets here in Cape Town. The morning of the wedding, my sister-in-law, mother-in-law and a few family friends went to the venue early to set up. I wanted to create something really beautiful and rustic but still very romantic, For the bouquets and the aisle I chose to use my favourite flower, Tuberose, for the amazing fragrance they leave in the air. I combined these with white Gladioli, white Lisianthum, Larkspur and white and pale pink Wax Flowers. I had bunches of these blooms and my brides maids and I created our own bouquets from these flowers and then wrapped them in twine. For the tables we created beautiful long wreaths of rustic pale pink and white Heather and Penny Gum. The tables were warm and romantic with a rustic botanical feel.
My mother-in-law Wendy has a childhood friend that always makes the most incredible cakes and cookies each time she visits. She kindly created an amazing two tiered carrot cake that was iced in a delicious cream cheese butter icing. I used some of the market florals to decorate the cake.
Walking Down the Aisle // Fields of Gold, Eva Cassidy – This is such beautiful song and has an amazing melody, each time I hear this it makes me cry. It was the perfect choice for the aisle song. First dance song // For our first dance we chose ‘Harvest Moon’ – Neil Young. Mark and I went record hunting a few years ago and we found this amazing Neil Young vintage album, this is one of the first songs we danced to together as a couple so it was very fitting for our first dance song.
One of the reasons we chose the wedding venue The Pool Room was for the amazing cuisine they create. The owner and chef Gordon Manuel creates the most amazing menu using the finest, fresh ingredients. For our starters we chose to have a harvest table, which was filled with delicious cheese, olives, finely sliced cured meats with freshly baked bread and pâté. The main course was a delicious lamb shank accompanied by sautéed vegetables. Our dessert was a decadent chocolate brownie with farm fresh berry sorbet.
We have planned a three week vacation to Majorca, Catalan, Puglia and Tuscany in September. We have close friends in each of these cities and because we are both extremely dedicated to our work throughout the year we don’t get to take much time for vacations. So to visit our friends in their home cities is such a treat to us. We get to live like a local for a few weeks throughout the year. Eating amazing food and experiencing incredible cities with the people you love is the absolute dream.
I loved each and every moment of our wedding day and the days leading up to it. My friends and family arrived from all over the world and for some it was their first time on African soil.  It was such a treat to share my love for Africa with them. It was such a special time and I am so happy that my husband convinced me to have a big wedding. I always dreamt of having a romantic elopement, however, the day is filled with so much love and so many emotions. I couldn’t imagine not spending it with all of the people that we love. Seeing my husband at the end of the aisle with the biggest smile and taking our vows of love and life was definitely the most memorable part.
I wanted to create a gown that was effortlessly romantic, and had an old school feel. I love long sleeves as it adds elegance to a gown. It was light and fun.
The gowns we create and design for the Bo & Luca bride embody a woman that has a raw, free spirited edge, yet an effortless softness and is a true hopeless romantic by nature. When she loves she loves, but her heart is always free to roam and explore all corners of the earth. My gown has elements of each of our designs, all hand beaded with our signature hand embroidery, sheer silk, hand dipped in loose leaf white tea, to give that softness to the skin. If I had to choose a particular style that is similar to my own wedding gown I would say the ‘Manhattan’ wedding gown from our Bo & Luca signature collection and the ‘Primrose’ gown from our T E M P L E by Bo & Luca collection. Each of these have that romantic, long sleeved, timeless disposition that I wanted to create.
Take the time to breath and take a moment to remind yourself what this day really means to you. The day will come and go so fast, take small memory snapshots and soak it all in. Spend time with your loved ones but also spend time with your new husband and don’t stress if some things don’t go exactly as you had planned, remember this little piece of magic….everything is up to the Universe and it has its own divine timing.
LOCATION // The Pool Room, Elgin, Cape Town South Africa
PHOTOGRAPHER // Modern Hearts Photography
BRIDES DRESS // Custom – Bo & Luca
MAKE UP  // Brie Stevenson & Nina
HAIR // Nina
FLORAL ARCH // Chrisna Coetzee
DECOR // Hout Huis
LIGHTING // Lekker Trou Lighting 
DJ // Silk Music