Bo & Luca is now available to our Hong Kong brides! This beautiful showroom offers wedding dresses for those who dare to be different and assert themselves authentically as they create a new chapter in their life.

The team at The LOFT believes that bridal should feel timeless and chic, and work with their brides to embrace their individual beauty and tell their story through their style. The LOFT showcase strong and feminine labels that are making waves in the bridal industry. Each product offers an individual, distinctive character and story that resonates with each woman – the romantics, the fashionistas, the bohemians, the travellers, the life lovers and the game changers. 

Bo & Luca couldn’t be prouder to be partnering with The LOFT, as we work together to inspire and empower women to be themselves. We’ve put together a few questions for The Loft’s creative director. Have a read below to see what Jacqueline Au had to say! 


What are your five key wardrobe pieces, things you wear constantly?

1.  My black Sacai pleat skirt – I can mix it with anything for an edgier look.  I dress it up with my
Alaia heels for the studio, or down with sneakers for traveling.
2. Frame denims – either the ripped skinnys or the garcons – are my go-tos for days when I just
want to slum it like a guy and not care about dress codes. 

3. My Celine Leather Biker, which is a great classic staple for fall and for HK Winters.

4. Prada Backpack – I just got a fringed nylon backpack after years of lusting after it. It is the
perfect carryall – it takes my MacBook, notebook, small make up pouch and anything else a girl

5.  My Stansmiths – my must have for days when my feet cannot take anything over 4 inches. 

What attracted you to the wedding industry?

I love that it is about creating lasting memories for one of life’s most precious moments. Every
element of it resonates so deeply with who we are – the venue, the décor, the outfits, the hair &
make up, even the music – and because of that we all have such a strong desire to make it our
own, to make it different and, most of all, to make it lasting. In that one day, women tell their life
story to the people they love – I’m not sure you get that kind of magic anywhere else.

What inspires the style for your studio?

Loft spaces! It is virtually impossible to find a loft space in Hong Kong but we managed to
secure a space in an old walk-up building which gives us a very high ceiling and a balcony,
making it quite “lofty” and allowing a lot of natural light and air to flow in.
With the interior, I wanted to keep it modern and minimalist – monochromatic with touches of
gold and silver. I also used a lot of mirrors, marbles and concrete in the space to give a touch of
industrial chic to the studio.


At what point did you realise you wanted to open your own store?

Last December I was accompanying a friend as she searched for her wedding gown in Hong
Kong and we were genuinely surprised by the lack of something unique in the market.
Somehow what was on offer seemed so stereotypical of what “brides should be”.
That’s when I realised that I could bring something different to the market – a modern point of
view; a concept store for the women of now; a bridal store with a curation of beautiful,
unexpected gowns from new talents which can be worn and styled in different ways.
I don’t think there is one way to be a bride as there isn’t one way to be a woman. I think that
now, in this time, all women have the choice to be unique. The Loft is not about what a bride
should, or should not, look like. It is only about her – her difference, in this time, right now. That
is why LOFT actually stands for Lab Of Fairy Tales for women to tell their own stories in exactly
the way they want.

Did you always want to own your own business?

No. Actually, I never really thought about starting my own business but I am glad I did. I have
my family to thank for giving me the confidence to do this. I learn new things every day and it is
an absolute joy to create the store from scratch and watch as The Loft slowly unfolds.
Who would be your dream bride to dress?

Cara Delevingne – hands down. She is our girl crush. I love that she is authentic and fun and
strong but vulnerable at the same time, which is what a modern woman is – not single
dimensional & not always perfect. She often speaks about her flaws, her insecurities and how
she embraces them. I think that her narrative resonates with me, and the Loft brides.

Of all the brands and designers what made you choose Bo & Luca?

I love the way Bo & Luca makes opulent feel impossibly effortless. I love the unique contrast of
fluid silhouettes created by the raw silks with the extraordinary detailing of the hand beaded
embroideries. The collection is heartstoppingly beautiful and is definitely a take on modern-day
luxe bohemia.

When you aren’t at the shop, where can we find you?

Wake surfing! It’s a new sport I picked up over the summer. It really helps clear my head and let
go of any negativity. I also love the feeling of being sore after a hard workout.

For any further enquiries please visit The Lab of Fairy Tales Bridal official website