The Making Of Temple, By Bo & Luca

There’s a story behind everything, in a remarkable place where inspiration meets creation. The story of our Temple collection is steeped in dreaming; dreaming of places we may visit, weddings we may have and love stories yet to be written.


We wanted to let you into our Bo & Luca world to experience the journey that each and every gown goes through before you see them. To share this journey with you, we went to the source and spoke with our Creative Director who shed some light on how these gowns came to life.


Can you explain the design process that was executed?

We were heavily inspired by Bo & Luca designs from the past. With our previous Temple collections, we tried multiple different design avenues to see what our brides gravitated to. We were pleasantly surprised to see that our Temple brides gravitated towards designs that drew inspiration from past Bo & Luca collections, so we gathered all of our Bo & Luca inspiration and added designs in that which was lacking from the current Temple offering.


Where did the collection’s theme spark from?

With COVID dampening our dreams of travel, we were very much inspired by our favourite travel destinations; a theme with a golden thread running distinctly through our Bo & Luca collections too. We envisioned our brides in all the various beautiful destinations that they would be getting married in all around the world and designed gowns that would suit these destinations as well as our brides.


What were your main influences?

I’m inspired by the notion that a bridal gown is the quintessential expression of where a woman’s inner and outer beauty match and translate into the medium of fabric and fashion- TEMPLE embodies this. Our main influence has been the freedom of being outside and in nature, the freedom to move around. We played with flowing silhouettes and gold botanical laces, adding subtle hints of sequin to catch the sunlight. We love florals here at Bo & Luca, whether that’s a flowery lace fabric or botanical shapes, so we drew inspiration from this element.


How does this collection shape new bridal trends?

Instead of following them, we’ve looked at the latest trends through a Bo & Luca lens, thinking of ways in which we could incorporate something like minimalist bridal into our design DNA. As much as we love trends, adding them here and there into our designs, we also think about all of our designs in terms of longevity. We want our brides to look back on their wedding day and gown and love it, whether that is 10 or 20 years down the line.


Was there a season in mind with the new collection?

Not really. Our brides get married all over the globe and at any time of the year, so there is a gown that will suit every season in this collection. We have also offered subtle customisation options by way of changing the lining colour of your gown or by choosing between different slip dress options so brides can really make their gown their own.


Which is your favourite piece and why?

The Tinsley! I love that the Tinsley is minimal but with the beautiful, statement botanical sleeves that is so Bo & Luca.


Suffice it to say that the Temple by Bo & Luca 2021 collection was created through the embodiment of freedom and spontaneity. If you’re ready to exude a modern-day elegance on your wedding day, then look no further than the images below.