Videographers We Love, South Africa

What makes a good story? This is the question you need to ask yourself when trying to choose a videographer for your wedding. Often it’s the unspoken words that tell the real story – the small details and moments that might otherwise go unnoticed and untold.

A talented videographer, whilst still documenting the entire day is able to stand back and quietly capture these real and honest moments like a brushing of fingertips, the wiping away of a tear and knowing glances. It is these small moments for us that can transform a wedding video in to a unique story. For some inspiration have a look at 2 of our favourite and very talented wedding videographers from South Africa.



Hand Stitched Films is a Cape Town based company that caters to destinations all over the globe. They accurately describe their line of work as “organic storytelling” and through film they capture the intimate details, emotions and magical moments of one’s wedding that cannot be reduced to words alone. They are a small, personal team of cinematographers with a well-travelled background who like to throw all formula out the window in the process of their master-narrative. Their motivation lies in the possibility of recording your experiences most faithfully. When you say jump, they’ll say how high. Hand Stitched Films is ready to roll and create a memento of your dream day that you will cherish forever.



Orpen Film Co. is a family with an honest desire to serve and inspire people with their gift. They have a love for people and their stories, for moving images and for music. Striving to capture your story, the team at Orpen Film Co. take chances and do what feels right in their hearts – that of true meaning and emotion. The belief that the greatest work comes from getting to know the purpose and dreams of their clients is upmost in their undertakings. Along with a deep-seated passion for adventure, storytelling and true love, this family-orientated business seeks to inspire people with their raw talent.

Run by husband and wife, Terence and Derryn Orpen, this team is ready and waiting to work with you to create something authentically magical and unique.