When it comes to finding wedding inspiration, the options are endless – so let our top wedding trends for 2018 be here for your dream wedding planning pleasure!

– Farm-to-table –

Think fresh. Couples are opting for locally produced ingredients to serve to their wedding guests, styled on  luxe grazing tables.

– Lounge Areas – 

Lounging in style at weddings has become the latest 2018 wedding trend – with casual outdoor furniture evolving into beautifully styled designer pieces and bespoke bohemian lounge pockets.

–  Hanging Floral Installations –

These have already started to appear in some of the most beautiful weddings of 2017, but for 2018 expect to see more of a creative approach to floral displays. Hanging flowers or greenery above tables creates a different dynamic to the space. It also allows for more room on the tables for platters to share.

 –  Marble –

Marble is one of the hottest home interior trends right now and is swiftly finding its way into wedding decor. Expect to see aspects of marble in wedding stationery and table decorations, right through to large scale installations such as dance floors.