Yours, By E – Canada

Canada offers breathtaking landscapes, wildlife, cruises, maple syrup and lovely locals. With Yours, by E in the picture, you can add unique and captivating wedding gowns to the list!


Our latest Temple by Bo & Luca gowns have just arrived at Yours, by E in Halifax, NS, these now sit alongside their existing B&L gowns such as our LOU and HARPER. We can’t wait for Canadian brides to visit and feast their eyes on the new hand-picked gowns waiting in anticipation, on one of our dear retailer’s rails.


Yours, by E curates dreamy gown designs in a market that was missing specific, unique styles, and when asking co-founder, Ellen, why she chose to work within the wedding industry, she said, “I think it’s the potential of the industry. There is so much room to grow and find our vibe with the brides here in the Atlantic provinces.”


The wonderful Yours, by E team (from left to right): Jennie (in-house alterations), Tracy (Co-founder), Ellen (Co-founder), Kathryn (bridal consultant)

Ellen was married in 2019 and started the business to inspire brides now and in the future, “I wake up everyday thinking about possibly putting a smile on a bride’s face and really making her wedding dress dreams come true.”


With all the brides she’s styled over the years, we wanted to know what advice Ellen would give to brides looking for their wedding gown:

“Never narrow your vision of your gown to one thing. Many brides will shy away from all lace, or embroidery, but it can be transformative. Always have an open mind and try on a bunch of styles!”


The boutique’s light, airy and well finished space is inviting and beyond only selling gorgeous gowns, Yours, by E has partnered with local women who provide accessories, stationery and items to contribute to their brides, including Bo & Luca’s CYPRIAN belt, floor-length Soft Tulle Veil and our Stella Crown. In the words of Ellen, the shop is, “All about the bride”!


Ellen mentioned that her favourite part of the store, is the floating dry floral piece by @OhDina that she couldn’t imagine without it. She spoke further about accomodating the feeling the bride gets when she finds the perfect gown, “Finding your gown isn’t about just feeling beautiful, it’s realising that you are starting a new chapter in your life. When you find your gown, it is like opening a door to your future.”


“When a bride’s expression lifts, and there is a pause, a huge smile or tears, it’s that feeling”… that motivates her to go into work each day, “I think for many brides, it really is the moment where it hits them that ‘okay, this is really real. I fell in love, and I am spending the rest of my life with this person’. When that realisation hits them and it all comes together, that for me is when it means the most.


“It’s a huge responsibility that we have and I hold that responsibility very close to my heart.”


We found out that Ellen’s dream bride to dress would be her sister, who has been married for a couple of years but didn’t have a full wedding, “The day that she says she’s ready for a bridal gown and a celebration, I will be so excited to give her that experience.” Ellen believes in going with your gut and when we asked her what drew her to Bo & Luca, she remarked, “Oh so many things…”


“The romance, the time and craftsmanship. The thoughtfulness of each gown is amazing to me.”


They’ve had our HARPER, LOU, TYDE, MIA, GRETA and SAVANNAH gowns stocked, and recently welcomed the arrival of pieces from our latest Temple by Bo & Luca collection into the store; ELLERY, GEORGIA, SKYLAR, WILLOW and our CLANCY top!



Favourite bridal trend of 2021



Favourite wedding song

Can’t Help Falling in Love.


Favourite wedding flower

Eucalyptus (not a flower but :)).


Sleeves or sleeveless?



Veil or no veil?



Champagne or wine?

Champagne, always bubbles for me.


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