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India Archives Pt 1 - Keeping The Artistry Alive

When Shannon first set foot in India, she fell in love with the master local craftsmanship and the intention behind their creations. After spending day after day pouring over the intricate hand-beading process, Bo & Luca’s uncomplicated styling and effortless elegance became apparent to her.

With an unwavering passion for supporting women and keeping ancient Indian crafting techniques alive, Shannon always finds herself returning to the place where the essence of Bo & Luca was born.

Come May 2023, she traveled back to India to reconnect with old friends and artistry. Falling in love with the culture and her hidden beauty all over again, it was time to revisit our ateliers and work on new botanical embellishment samples, with opulent sequins and beads.

Every hand-beaded wedding gown is created within our ateliers in India and is hand-draped, dyed, and placed using only the most luxurious silks and fabrics, by talented craftsmen. The process takes three to six months, with hundreds of hours behind the traditional artisanal technique, tambour.

This fine craftsmanship is at the core of Bo & Luca’s signature aesthetic, and supporting the local master hand-beaders is a hallmark of the brand’s ethos.

The beading of our Amelie Gown in the making.

The final result of tambour being brought to life, featuring our Amelie Gown.

Much like our gowns, the tambour technique used for the unique hand-beaded designs is unconventional. Instead of working with a needle, a specialised hook is used to collect the thread from underneath the fabric which is stretched tight within a wooden frame so as to create a canvas to work on. The tread is pulled through the chosen material and then the hook is taken back down into the fabric, leaving behind a chain stitch on the top, with the beads secured on the other side.

After days of hand-beading, the intricate floral designs begin to form, with the finished one-of-a-kind wedding dress on the horizon.

Our gratitude to all artisans crafting to bring these artworks to life is boundless, and our love for this mastery; is limitless.

Fast fashion has put individuals in a position to forget that garments can be created with intention. Our mission is to keep the art of tambour alive through our heirloom wedding gowns, making each piece close to our hearts.

We can’t wait to keep creating bohemian and timeless designs that embody femininity and freedom, and bring light to such eloquent craftsmanship, for our brides that inspire us every day!