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At Bo & Luca, we understand that the journey leading up to your wedding day, is very personal and ultimately reflects your personal taste and style.  What we envision for your anticipated day is the kind of unique beauty that reaches beyond aesthetics.  Traditionally, there is something deeply devotional about the practice of adornment. 

Somewhere in our DNA, from past generations, lies the memory of what it means, to ritualise beautification as a sacred practice.  This varies across different cultures and their traditions but what connects us all, is the beauty of honouring a significant moment with a ritual or gesture. Such symbology exists within each modern brides unique story. Ornamentation is a form of self expression.  Through this practice, we communicate who we are, what we feel and sometimes even what we believe in. When you truly own your individual essence and beauty, you reveal who you are as you stand at the alter before your beloved ~ this ripples into your marriage for years to come.  Understanding the significance of these choices, allows you to curate a bridal look that encapsulates you, and all that you cherish.  To choose intimately meaningful pieces that will become family heirlooms, consider what each piece symbolises and how it makes you feel.  We've curated some ideas to inspire you as you select your pillars of adornment.


Be swept away by the scent of love for years to come. Let the whispers of this day echo on with a scent that invokes romance and nostalgia. Take time to discover the perfect, bespoke scent that captivates your senses so you will be reminded of these precious moments as they become sweet memories you want to revisit. We love LA LABO for adding that personal touch to the bottle like the wedding date or names.


Redefine effortless style with handcrafted jewellery that elegantly captures the essence of romantic allure. Our all female Atelier weave intentional pieces to accent your bridal look and be forever cherished. Veil - Traditionally a veil is a symbol of purity, fidelity and commitment. Rewrite your own story with a veil to add an ethereal note to your ensemble. Bo & Luca veils are handcrafted with thoughtful detail for the true romantic who understands the timelessness of moments captured. Bo & Luca, we understand, the veil holds significance in the precious moments captured as your day unfolds.. We thoughtfully handcraft pieces that will hold meaning - When it comes to your veil, you are selecting an heirloom that will keep your love story alive for years to come. A Bo & Luca Veil is an essential for the true romantic with an affinity for whimsical elegance.

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The Dress

At Bo & Luca, we understand that the dress should feel like a natural extension of your unique essence, telling the story of you through each precious detail. Select the dress that feels like you, and be the epitome of style and undefinable beauty. Bo & Luca brides embody a unique essence that redefines beauty and epitomises effortless style. She’s subtly captivating and soulfully down to earth. She understands what inspires and moves her. She knows herself intimately. Her story is unique and worth being told with intricate, handwoven artistry. Her journey down the aisle should be adorned with authenticity, meaning, and intention.